Plantar reflexology

The foot reflexology is a manual practice, which protects and strengthens the vital force of the body.

Pressures are applied with moderation on precise places of the feet. Every reflex point corresponds to an organ or to a part of the body, it is possible to localise the tensions, to eliminate them and to help the body to rebalance.

The foot reflexology and the meridians massage:
-They prevent the stress and its negative effects by producing a muscular and a nervous relaxation, that helps all the body's functions in general.
-They act on the immune system by strengthening it
-They increase the blood, the energy and the lymphatic circulation
-They help the hormonal system by contributing to its regularisation,
-They increase the elimination of toxins by opening the excretory system,
-They decrease the inflammatory pains
-They stimulate the digestive system.

Furthermore, they are therapeutic additives for the chronic degenerative diseases such as the degenerative osteoarthritis, the arthritis or the multiple sclerosis.

It is to note that these techniques don't claim to be able to replace a medical treatment or a Doctor's advice.